SESSIONS Ableton Meetup Tokyo: Talk on "A Fusion of Real Instruments and Electronics" After growing of dance music culture, many DJs/Electronic producers had sessions with real instrument players.
To expand diversity of dance music and make a sound of future, collaboration between DJs/producers and players is a key element. So our program focuses "A Fusion of Real Instruments and Electronics".

In the 1st section of our program, we have a panel discussion how to fuse real instruments and electronics with guest artists who make music using both of them.
The guests are DÉ DÉ MOUSE who is also popular with his band-set, suGar Yoshinaga from Buffalo Daughter, double decades electronics band, Monroe from Yahyelm young and upcoming band played at Fuji Rock Festival.
The talk moderator is CD HATA from Dachambo, Japan's most crazy jam band which played at 2017 total eclipse party at Oregon and Burning Man.

About Ableton Meetup Tokyo

Ableton Meetup is an Ableton user community based on Tokyo. We gather regularly to find common grounds in us. We use the term meet-up to share and find ideas for each other.
Berlin born music creation software Ableton Live is not only used for electronic music but also used in Media art and other genres of music. They have variety of users and the way they use the software is starting to diversify. We try to understand the diversity of the people and try to build a community across different genres.
We meet up every 2 months to discuss and present our strength in the way we use Ableton Live, each time we invite artists, engineers, DJs and VJs to hear their stories.
30 NOV
Thursday 16:30~ 17:30
Shibuya Hikarie Hall B


yahyel / DATS

As the programmer and synthesizer for yahyel and the vocals for DATS, two of the uprising bands, MONJOE is heavily involved in writing songs not only for his projects but for other artists. He is also developing actively as a DJ.

suGar Yoshinaga

Guitar, Vocal, TB-303 Buffalo Daughter

suGar Yoshinaga is a musician/composer/lyricist/producer, most notably as the guitarist/ vocal of Buffalo Daughter which releases 7 original albums worldwide from its 1996 debut on Beastie Boys’ label Grand Royal. In 2016, a new band Halo Orbit kicked off with Juan Alderete (ex. Mars Volta) and Mark Guiliana.



Daisuke Endo, known professionally as DÉ DÉ MOUSE is a Japanese electronic musician, composer, record producer, keyboardist and DJ based in Tokyo. He is considered a pioneer of melody cut up techniques (slicing up vocal material to create a new melody). His original and artistic methodology in music production has been inspiring musicians and fans all over the world.


Synthesizer Dachambo

CD HATA is a musician, producer and DJ. Some of his works have been released by Beatport. Member of well known Japanese psychedelic jam band "Dachambo." CD HATA exploded on to an unsuspecting Tokyo club scene with his unique mixture of Techno and massive doses of House and raw energy. CD HATA continue touring around Japan and the world. In the meantime, kick up the volume, stand back and get ready for the full frontal assault known as...CD HATA!!