CONFERENCE 8K:VR, High-res audio, 3D audio: experiencing cutting edge technologies (Japanese-language only) This panel will be offered in Japanese only, to discuss the recent 8K:VR music projects of NHK Enterprise Executive Producer Kousuke Tanabe, and will be moderated by digital music expert Mikiro Enomoto.
30 NOV
Thursday 12:00~ 12:30
Hikarie Hall B

Kosuke Tanabe

Executive Producer NHK Enterprises, Inc.

NHK Enterprises, Inc. Executive Producer / Creative Director A creative director of 8K:VR project. He directed and produced 8K:VR Theater "Aoi - sakanaction" and 8K:VR Ride featuring "Tokyo Victory". Bachelor's degree in Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University (1995) .

Mikiro Enomoto