CONFERENCE The current status of subscription streaming platforms in Japan (Japanese-language only) This panel is offered in Japanese only. Tunecore Japan CEO Ichiro Noda chats with Spincoaster COO Kohei Nojima on hit songs and digital platforms.
01 DEC
Friday 13:00~ 13:30
Hikarie Hall B

Yoshiaki Tsushima


CEO,A&R of origami PRODUCTIONS. Ovall(Shingo Suzuki, mabanua, Shingo Sekiguchi)Kan Sano, Hiro-a-key, Michael Kaneko

Iichiro Noda

CEO TuneCore Japan / Wano

Born in 1979. Lived and Studied at Chinese International School of Hong Kong,1992-1997. Graduated KEIO University [Japan] in 2004. During the University era, worked at Culture of Asia Inc. as music event organizer and designer. 2004 entered in Adways Co.,Ltd. Took office as Media Division Manager, contributed to the Public Listing of Adways. In 2008 founded internet service company Wano Co.,Ltd with passion to cultivate culture and creator of Japan. 2012 founded TUNECORE Japan K.K.

Kohei Nojima

COO Spincoaster, Inc.

Born in 1986.From Kobe.Music writer representing Spincoaster, a music website in Japan that specializes in introducing artists’ voices and ideas to the world. In addition to the media business, he is also widely involved in the music bar business, music event planning, and the promotional advertisement business for enterprises. He also manages the song selection for Monday Spin, a music collaboration playlist between Spotify and Spincoaster.