SESSIONS Ableton Meetup Tokyo: Presentation on "A Fusion of Real Instruments and Electronics" After growing of dance music culture, many DJs/Electronic producers had sessions with real instrument players. To expand diversity of dance music and make a sound of future, collaboration between DJs/producers and players is a key element. So our program focuses "A Fusion of Real Instruments and Electronics".
In the 2nd section of our program, we demonstrate how to fusion real instruments and electronics with Ableton Live. Koyas and Josh Bess, both are Ableton Certified Trainers, form up an electronic band with LLLL on the guitar and Shiba on the trumpet. In the end of demonstration, we have Q&A section.

About Ableton Meetup Tokyo

Ableton Meetup is an Ableton user community based on Tokyo. We gather regularly to find common grounds in us. We use the term meet-up to share and find ideas for each other.
Berlin born music creation software Ableton Live is not only used for electronic music but also used in Media art and other genres of music. They have variety of users and the way they use the software is starting to diversify. We try to understand the diversity of the people and try to build a community across different genres.
We meet up every 2 months to discuss and present our strength in the way we use Ableton Live, each time we invite artists, engineers, DJs and VJs to hear their stories.
30 NOV
Thursday 18:30~ 19:30
Shibuya Hikarie Hall B


Organizer FreedomSunset

Shiba is an organizer of FreedomSunset/SunsetLounge which is Shonan based outdoor party over a decade.He is also trumpet player and participated Organ Language which is formed by Clam. He has collaborated with many DJs like DJ Kensei,Toshio Matsuura, Mix Master Morris, Job, Paul Murphy, Kaoru Inoue and jazz artists like Hajime Yoshizawa, Takao Uematsu and so on. He released his tracks from Bambola Recordings (UK) and joined many compilations inside/outside Japan.


Organizer / Ableton Certified Trainer Ableton Meetup Tokyo

Koyas is a Tokyo-based artist, producer and label founder. After teamed up with DJ Yogurt, he has appeared in famous festivals like Fuji Rock Festival and released several albums with styles ranging from ambient to techno, remixed Ken Ishii and more. He also contributes by writing and translating about music production and instruments for magazines and the web. Since 2014, he has been an Ableton Certified Trainer as one of first Japanese trainers, and he founded Ableton Meetup Tokyo.

Josh Bess

Ableton Certified Trainer

Josh Bess is a music producer, musician, and author. Josh is most popularly known for his educational releases with Hal Leonard Publishing, focused on modern desktop music production. Popular book titles include Electronic Dance Music Grooves and Ableton Grooves, both Amazon best sellers in the music book category. Josh hosts a live webinar series, Josh Bess Webinar Series, where he discusses topics focused around music production and original creation, streamed live to over 7,000 students.



After working as a Japanese pop composer for about 10 years LLLL (pronounced four ele) started producing dark dream pop in 2014. He has released continuously since then from various labels including Zoom Lens, Secret Songs, Bad Panda Records, Maltine Records and Modular Fields.