SESSIONS 「INTERLUDE from TDME」Audition - first finalists announced TDME is looking for new talent through the Interlude audition, and judges will announce finalists at TDME 2017.

Online entry here:
30 NOV
Thursday 13:15~ 13:45
Hikarie Hall B


PKCZ® / DJ Producer / Designer (FULL-BK)

DJ Daruma has been part of the hip-hop and the Tokyo club scene since the 90s. On the strength of his release "DARUMANIA" - became a resident for the legendary ageHA party, where he met DJ MAAR and formed the DEXPISTOLS. He's worked to promote the club scene and street culture and in 2010 was a founding member of ROC STAR. His new fashion label, FULL-BK, is currently attracting new attention, and he's worked as a dancer with EXILE's HIRO, MAKIDAI, and now VERBAL resulting in the unit PKCZ®

Yasuo Takata / DJ PI-GE

CEO clubberia inc.

clubberia inc. CEO Established in 2000, is Japan’s most popular dance music and electronic music information website. With our powerful event search engine plus special discounted coupons and selling the event tickets. clubberia is without a doubt the most useful website for all clubbers in Japan.

Yoshiharu Sato

CEO Energy Flash Co., Ltd. / Technique

Yoshiharu Sato operates the legendary Shibuya record shop TECHNIQUE, a Tokyo mainstay for 22 years. He also works with underground artists and indie labels in Japan to distribute worldwide through EFD (Energy Flash Distribution). He is a regular on Japanese radio introducing the latest in dance music.