SESSIONS JEFF MILLS presents PLANETS the Celestial Body Installation: Part 1 In this sound installation, we use a multi-channel sound system to reproduce Jeff Mills latest album "PLANETS," which fuses classical orchestra and Detroit techno.

With over 40 channels, the speakers are arranged based on a real orchestra. We also added speakers for electronic sounds that play TR-909 kick, ride cymbal, synthesizers and more. You can walk among the speakers and hear the sound from the conductor's podium or any other specific part of "PLANETS.”

The original concept of this installation is based on Symphony Canvas by Tsukasa Miyamoto. The sound system is powered by Koji Fujita from Hiraya Access and Taguchi, Japan's finest wood craft speaker maker who also supplies well-known Tokyo venues such as VENT, Ageha, etc.

This installation is exclusively available at Tokyo Dance Music Event 2017, and the “PLANETS” album being performed is available (2 CD or 5.1ch surround Blu-Ray) from U/M/A/A Inc.
01 DEC
Friday 14:00~ 14:45
Hikarie Hall B

Jeff Mills

Owner Axis Records

Mills, born 1963 in Detroit, USA has been active in the electronic music industry by operating his own record label, Axis and performing all over the world, an average 100 events a year. His specialty is conceptual music, mostly inspired by Space and Time travel. He also scores films such as “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang as well as creates musical installations for museums which led him to be honored the title of Officier des Art et des Lettres by French Government in 2016.

Kohji Fujita

President HIRANYA ACCESS co., ltd.


Engineer/Produceer/Composer MIA Acoustics

Through the Recording Session as an artist while he was a Waseda University student, he started his career as a sound engineer of Hibino Sound at age 26, mixed many Rock/Pop groups, and subsequently started coordinating sound system for the artists and supported more than 450 groups/artists Japan tours in 25 years. Recently he has developed a unique sound system called "Sympho Canvas®", which provides actual sound source LOCATIONS instead of producing LOCALIZATIONS by the multi-channel format.


Organizer / Ableton Certified Trainer Ableton Meetup Tokyo

Koyas is a Tokyo-based artist, producer and label founder. After teamed up with DJ Yogurt, he has appeared in famous festivals like Fuji Rock Festival and released several albums with styles ranging from ambient to techno, remixed Ken Ishii and more. He also contributes by writing and translating about music production and instruments for magazines and the web. Since 2014, he has been an Ableton Certified Trainer as one of first Japanese trainers, and he founded Ableton Meetup Tokyo.