CONFERENCE How night mayors give value to nightlife in Europe: the road to a Night Mayor Summit in Tokyo
01 DEC
Friday 17:00~ 17:30
Hikarie Hall A


Chairman Club and Club Culture Conference

Born in Tokyo, 1971. He is widely known and esteemed not only for his career as a rapper, but also for being a top running Hip-hop activist, representing Tokyo. For his career as an activist, he was selected as a chairman of "the Club and Club Culture Conference (CCCC)", in 2014. He has played the main role in reinspectation of the Fu-Ei-Ho (national law which prohibits night life's late night business hours), which has strongly restricted Japanese night entertainment for over 25 years.

Mirik Milan

Night Mayor Amsterdam Night Mayor Foundation

Mirik Milan is the current Night Mayor of Amsterdam, and longtime creative director of some of the Dutch capital’s most celebrated events. Since 2012, he has played an instrumental role in the reshaping of Amsterdam’s nightlife scene into one of the most vibrant and economically robust in the world, and his innovative position is fast becoming replicated in major nightlife-focused cities around the world, like New York, Paris and London.


PR Club and Club Culture Conference

Darthreider Darthreider is a rapper, musician. Born in Paris, grew up in london.Dropped out from Tokyo univercity and started his career as a rapper.He released his work from many labels, and discovered many talents. He suffered from cerebral infarction and lost his left eye vision.Now the eyepatch is his trademark. He worked as PR for the club and club culture cnference, and played an important role in changing the fu-ei-ho, no dancing law.

Lutz Leichsenring

Initiator Creative Footprint

Lutz Leichsenring is the founder of the Creative Footprint, and one of the world’s leading authorities on protecting creative industries. Since 2009, Lutz has been the spokesman and executive board member for the Berlin Clubcommission. He has fought for the rights of Berlin’s vast underground club scene by organizing demonstrations, conferences, workshops and by speaking at round tables and committees. 2017 Lutz launched the Creative Footprint, a project to measure, compare creative spaces.