CONFERENCE WOMB Travel from Shibuya club WOMB In this panel, the international representative for club WOMB Kana Hatsushiba is joined on stage by Hakuhodo DY media partners Inc. Yujin Takeda as well as electronic artist and recent participant in the WOMB Travel Project, Drunken Kong.
30 NOV
Thursday 15:30~ 16:00
Hikarie Hall A

Yujin Takeda

Supervisor Hakuhodo DY media partners Inc.

Working for an advertising agency, mainly responsible for dealing with sponsorship & PR for the domestic & international Rock & Dance Music Festivals. Specialized in Brand PR planning for television, radio & magazines as well as strategy planning for responsive digital media.

Drunken Kong

Kana Hatsushiba

International Representative WOMB

Kana has worked on international artist bookings at Shibuya club WOMB since 2009, and also runs their parties outside of Japan. She started the project "WOMB Travel" as a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world, and in this work she draws from her experience traveling around the world for eight years when she was 18 years old.