CONFERENCE RA presents: festivals and their relationships with dance music culture in Japan Moderated by Tobias Burgers, East Asian contributor of online electronic music magazine Resident Advisor, the panel discussion will bring together Masahiro Tsuchiya - Rainbow Disco Club’s producer - and SO - one of Labyrinth’s organizers and resident DJs - to talk about the uniqueness of Japan’s music festivals and their impact on music scenes.
30 NOV
Thursday 16:15~ 16:45
Hikarie Hall A

Tobias Burgers

Contributor Resident Advisor

Academic Researcher (Doctoral candidate, FU Berlin) on digital technology, society and politics. Contributor for Resident Advisor on East Asia


Resident DJ Mindgames

Masahiro Tsuchiya

Director United Works Inc

Director of United Works Inc., Masa is a producer of Japan's electronic music festival, Rainbow Disco Club. He also works with his friends on a variety of projects at PAX TOKYO.