CONFERENCE Pioneer DJ presents: the future of entertainment through synchronized sound and light This panel will discuss the future of entertainment with a close look at synchronized sound and light and a way of creating atmosphere. Panelists include three legendary lighting designers/artists from Japan: Yamachang, AIBA and Machida. This panel is organized by entertainment company Pioneer DJ and will also cover their new professional DJ system developed in partnership with TC Supply.

30 NOV
Thursday 18:30~ 19:15
Hikarie Hall A

Lighting Aiba


1991 at the “Saint At Large” party at N.Y, AIBA decided to become a club lighting engineer. After he gained his experience by working at some clubs in Tokyo, he launched his career as an exclusive lighting operator at club “Womb” in April 2000. Alba also booked as lighting engineer. Aib7s recent work is DUBFIRE@TIMEWARP , RESISTANCE @ ULTRA JAPAN ,TGC(Fashion show), etc



MACHIDA worked on the sound and lighting engineer of the legendary club YELLOW from the opening of 1996 to the venue close of 2008. He is such a rare engineer and artist who can manipulate both sound and lighting. In 2016,SANKEYS TYO opening sound planning and setting, VENT opening lighting planning and setting.


Toyohisa Yuasa

Manager Pioneer DJ Corporation