CONFERENCE Japanese brands meet dance music culture This panel will address the expectations and potential pitfalls when it comes to partnering with Japanese brands and sponsors for dance music events. Kotaro Matsui of Dentsu will speak on his FREEDOMMUNE ZERO work among other projects, and guest Towa Tei will talk about his music direction work for INTERSECT BY LEXUS, offering a view on the outlook for brands & dance music in 2018.
01 DEC
Friday 14:00~ 14:30
Hikarie Hall A


CEO huginc.

TOWA TEI made his international debut as a member of Deee-Lite with the album "World Clique". Later he moved to Tokyo and in 1994 released his first solo album "Future Listening!". In 2014, 20 years since his solo debut, he released a trilogy of remastered albums "94-14 REMIX", "94-14 COVERS", and "94-14". He is currently a musical producer of INTERSECT BY LEXUS TOKYO, AOYAMA, and a member of the band METAFIVE. Latest albums include "CUTE" (2015) "META" (2016) and "METAHALF" (2016).

Kotaro Matsui

Creative Director dentsu,inc.

KOTARO MATSUI started his career as a web designer in Kyoto late 90’s, then joined Dentsu in 2000. After contributing growth of major digital media in Japan, he’s been developing effective sponsorship models both for music industry and brands. For example, led LEXUS presents FREEDOMMUNE ZERO(2013), PROMISE presents DOMMUNE KANDA INDUSTRIAL @3331 art Chiyoda(2014), EMPORIO ARMANI radio program on, and DOMMUNE internet service by U-NEXT(2016).