SESSIONS Pioneer DJ Workshop:Performance DJ sampler「DJS-1000」- Elevate the standard. Taking DJ performance to the next stage! More than for 20 years, Pioneer DJ products have been setting the industry standard, making them the premier choice for professional DJs worldwide. In September 2017, Pioneer DJ has announced the DJS-1000, samplers for DJs that enables further improvisation during live performances. With an intuitive user interface, performers can use the live sampling function to create original musical phrases and grooves. In this panel, Fake Eyes Production bring their band-like style of dance music to TDME to show how they improvise with the DJS-1000 with the NXS2 system. In addition to the demonstration, this workshop will feature discussion on the equipment itself.
30 NOV
Thursday 14:00~ 14:45
Hikarie Hall B

Mustache X


Mustache X He started his DJ career in 2014. Even though his debut was hidden in mysterious veil as not be revealed his background and his anything, he became a famous DJ getting his popularity by his one and only charismatic character and his unique DJ style embracing cutting edge with his aesthetic. He is the one of core members of Fake Eyes Production which was given a birth by ShigeoJD (ex.SBK, TheSAMOS, ATOM ON SPHERE, mold) and DJ MAAR (ex.DEXPISTOLS)

Ryo Ueno

Manager Pioneer DJ