CONFERENCE Music Promotion in the Digital Age (Japanese-language only) This panel will be offered in Japanese only. A conversation between the founders of two digital media platforms, Hirohiko Igarashi of Lute and Jun Hayashi of Spincoaster, and moderated by iFLYER's chief editor Aya Kinoshita.
30 NOV
Thursday 12:30~ 13:00
Shibuya Hikarie Hall B

Hirohiko Igarashi


founder of lute, Tokyo based Instagram stories media.

Jun Hayashi

Founder & CEO Spincoaster Inc.

‘86.10 Born in Tokyo ‘06.6 Founding member of SEO marketing and web company Willgate Inc. as a university student ‘09.4 Joins Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. working on artist marketing and promotions, joins the business development department ‘14.7 Founds Spincoaster Inc.

Aya Kinoshita

Chief editor iFLYER

Aya has been working as a writer & copywriter for over 10 years, covering diverse topics including beauty, entertainment, fashion and travel for both print and web. As of August this year, she started as the chief editor of the iFLYER media team.