CONFERENCE How millennials view the Japanese dance music scene (Japanese-language only) QUORE is a group of students from Keio University involved in organizing electronic music events - in this panel they share their unique perspective on the current Japanese dance music scene.
01 DEC
Friday 14:30~ 15:00
Hikarie Hall B

Tamaki Masuda



Representative QUORE / Keio University

KENT went to the high school in the center of Shibuya, started DJ when at a high school. After enter Keio University, become a representative of QUORE, daytime event team especially for Millennials. He produced After Party of "SLUSH", known as the biggest event in the world for Start Up. As a DJ, acted at Autoerotique Japan tour , ETC!ETC! Japan tour, and Axtone Night which D.O.D acted. In October 2017, he invite KIIDA from Wall Recordings(Afrojack's label), and produced their Japan tour.



So-on was born in 1995. And he decided to be a DJ someday when he was an elementary schoolchild. He uses CDJ skillfully, he can scratch and do tone-play, and plays cross-genre music. Thus, he got high reputation from many people and a chance to tie with RedBull, Skullcandy and docomo and more. He keeps evolving with his youth and unique sensibility. He is on the rise.