CONFERENCE レポート:日本のデジタル音楽市場の将来(Music Allyより) 音楽ビジネスにおける戦略ファーム、Music Allyがお送りする日本のデジタル市場のレポート。日本のデジタル音楽市場の未来はどうなるのか、エレクトロニック・ミュージックにおける日本の役割の重要性などを、マネージング・ディレクターのスティーブ・メイオールによるトーク。
30 NOV
Thursday 11:15~ 11:45
Hikarie Hall A

Steve Mayall

Managing Director Music Ally

Steve is co-founder and managing director of Music Ally, one of the leading business information and development companies in digital music, which is now into its sixteenth year. Music Ally helps companies understand global digital change and opportunities through consulting, training and marketing services. Steve is also UK partner to the Lean Business movement, founded in Scandinavia and has worked with hundreds of startups across the entertainment and media sector.