CONFERENCE インドと日本のダンスミュージックシーンのギャップ 13億人以上の人口を誇る大国インド。思想や料理など結びつきがありながら、音楽ビジネスでは遠い国。そうしたギャップを埋めるにはどうするかを語る。
30 NOV
Thursday 14:15~ 14:45
Hikarie Hall A

初芝 加奈

International Representative WOMB

WOMB にて 2009年より海外アーティストのブッキング、海外でのブランディングパーティーを担当。 18歳から8年間世界中を旅した経験をもとに、17年目を迎えた WOMB が新たに取組むプロジェクト WOMB Travel の担当となり、更なる日本と海外との架け橋をサポートする。

Mark Lawrence

CEO Association For Electronic Music


Anish Sood

Artist / Director Class Action

Anish Sood is one of the most prolific artists to break through the Indian dance music scene in India. One of the busiest DJs in the country, his touring schedule includes close to 100 performances a year, playing sold out shows across clubs and main stage performances at some of the biggest dance music festivals in the country. He also owns a hybrid music and fashion label called Class Action and is currently writing and producing his debut full length artist album.

Prateek Pandey

Director sLick!

Prateek Pandey is the founder of sLick! sLick!! has been the pioneering force behind the house and techno revolution in India. sLick! hosts 200+ club shows across the country, programs stages and acts for festivals such as Enchanted Valley Carnival, Sunburn & Future Theory festival, was one of the first brands from india to host their own showcase at Amsterdam Dance Event in Amsterdam, & regularly books acts for countries such as Dubai, Doha, Singapore, Kuala Lampur, Hong Kong, Colombo, etc.